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Flashcard Insomnia – Vancouver Part 2!!!



Immediately my nose was assaulted with sweat, faulty deodorant, lingering clove and dear-god-is-that-fruit-punch?

Alison, grabbed my hand and pulled me through a sea of bodies onto a dance floor no bigger than an unfinished basement of a two bedroom house.

Arms, elbows, sleeves and fingers flew past my face.  They made only passing impressions on my vision, because the first and most prevalent sensation I was dealing with was oppressive heat.   Heat full of sweat, perspiration and gyration.   In a cove fit for thirty there were at least a hundred people.  Bodies pressed tightly.  Your black sweater becomes my black bandanna.

I suppose now is the best time to mention…I have a problem with proximity.  Hordes of people and teeming dance floors typically cause a mass stage of anxiety induced panic within me that can only be cured with a hit of Klonopin or a week of therapy.

When in Vancouver…

I let Alison take me deeper into the mass of black and musk.  Further and further.

Finally we reached a bar.

“Thank FUCKING SCIENCE,” I said.  “I need a drink.”  I pulled out my wallet to buy another round with my fake, play-for-pretend Canadian dollars.

Alison jumped up and threw herself halfway onto the bar.

“KIKO!!!!!   KIKO!!!!”

Kiko turned around.   Maybe twenty four years old…I feared only twenty.


“Two please!”  Alison smiled.   Furnished for us were two Red Fruit Punch Gatorades.  I looked towards Alison with what I could only hope was stabbing daggers and intense judgement.

“Nowhere this late can serve alcohol,” she said, “Where do you think you are???”

I stared at her for a moment.  I let my eyes bore into her face.  Her expression refused to change.

“I think I’m in OZ,” I said.

“HA!   Ha ha hahahahahahah!  Not yet!” Alison laughed.  “Be back soon!!!  Dance or something!”

Now I was alone.  Behind me, behind the bar, bodies were amalgamating into one huge shared brain.  I was resisting it with all of my might.

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Classy Boy


Why it’s Chris Evans also known as Captain Amerigetonmyfacenow!

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Ouch of the Day

This morning on the train another rider competed with me to get a seat.   A seat, I clearly had earned.  In response, he took a little leap to grab the seat and stepped on my foot.   My response…I flapped my arms in frustration and made some vaguely avian guttural noise.   I went full on bird.   Why?   Cool points definitely lost.                   

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Soothe of the Day

This song is so catchy!

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Flashcard Insomnia – Vancouver Part 1

“My hands were pulsing way above my head.  A position that I can’t say I was used to.  But when among the company of the Chinese and Korean-Canadian Mafia you had only one choice.  Convince them you are having a great-major-rocking-fun-fun-time.”



I just woke up about an hour ago.  Insomnia has grabbed hold.  But I woke up with an old memory fresh and resurrected again.

A few years ago my best friend (Lauren) and I took an amazing cultural and culinary tour of the Pacific Northwest.  Specifically Seattle and Vancouver.   It was the first vacation I had been on in over a decade.  It also happens to be the best vacation I have ever had.  I could blog and blog about the food we ate.  The drinks we imbibed.  It was all amazing.  But, to be honest, the memory holding strongest to me now is of me in a strange basement, pretending to be drugged up, dancing for my life and praying I knew how to get back to my hotel room.

I had never felt so alive.

I had an inner mantra while taking this vacation.  “When in Rome.”

I didn’t care how much money I spent…what I ate…how far I walked (AND BELIEVE FUCKING ME IN SEATTLE THAT MEANS SOMETHING).

seattle hillsLauren, for her part, had a similar, yet modified mantra.  She was long committed to a lovely (SEE:  I can’t-stand-him-secretly-adore-him-not-so-secretly-love-him-but-despise-him-because-it-is-funny) man. So she ate, spent, walked, and danced with me wherever we went.  She also encouraged me to “meet” new people.  I had a great wingperson.

While in Seattle I did what Romans do.  I danced until near dawn and then shagged a Seattlite named Joe rotten until the sun came up.   Hey!   It was vacation.  What happens in the pacific northwest…needs to be blogged about.

With Joe behind me…figuratively not literally…Lauren and I headed to Vancouver.  We had days of food, drinks, culture and fun.  On one of our final nights we decided to visit Vancouver’s version of Boystown-Chicago.  It was as gay and brazen as Chicago…it just happened to end at 2 A.M. regardless of the night (who knew??????).  Lauren and I had danced our asses off at a bass-thumping, pulse-pounding gay mecca until near close.  A couple we had met…a STRAIGHT COUPLE…because in Vancouver not only are they that cool but it was the only place they could go to dance without being molested (IMAGINE)…had mentioned an after party.   I was game.   Lauren was exhausted.  As was the male counterpart of the couple we met.   But Alison and I (yes I strangely remember her name) were ready to keep dancing.  She told me she knew of an after hours party.  It moved around, but went until dawn.  Lauren made sure I had cash for a cab and had my phone on me and bid me farewell.  As did Alison’s’ husband.

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I initially kept myself from reviewing “Hannibal” on NBC for several reasons.   None of those reasons happened to be Bryan Fuller.   I have never made it a secret that I think he is the most talented television EP and creator currently working.   He devises such amazing shows full of sumptuous performances, saliva inducing scenery, savory visuals, and tart-tangy-yum-yum dialogue.  In short…I would eat Bryan Fuller up.  I kept myself from reviewing the show because I wanted to see how it would hold up.  I’m glad I waited.

“Hannibal” takes what he does at his most fanciful and combines it with his more macabre sensibilities that he has explored in “Dead Like Me” and “Heroes” (SEASON 1 ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  I have long been a fan of Mr. Fuller.   I still hold his “Wonderfalls” and “Pushing Daisies” in my top ten television series of all times (remind to make that list at some point).

Fuller’s “Hannibal” may soon find itself within that very same top ten.  The performances are uniformly superb.  The production values STELLAR.  I could go on about concurrent themes, the use of food imagery and the all around CREEPITUDE that the show exudes, but I fear it would turn into a dissertation.

Fans of “Silence of The Lambs”, “Hannibal”, or “Red Dragon” (or even the superb “Manhunter” featuring Brian Cox) will not be dissuaded by this show’s interpretation of the source material.

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Soothe Of The Day

No matter my stress…no matter how hard…heh…or tense…There is a great equalizer.

936full-michael-fassbender (1)

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Ouch Of The Day

I discovered Disney’s “Dinosaurs” on Netflix streaming last night.  Then I remembered that Robbie “The Rebel” Sinclair was one of the Reason’s I knew I was gay.  I think it was the hair.

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Soothe Of The Day

A wonderful artist from Down Under.  Get Familiar.

I have an ever growing list of irrational fears (seriously I do… My List of Irrational Fears) that no matter how much I try to rationalize will not go away.  Maybe I’m part paranoid or a hypochondriac, but I know I am not alone in fearing sometimes what is highly unlikely.

“Martha Marcy May Marlene” is a movie that those afflicted with extreme paranoia or irrational fears should do all they can to avoid.   This movie will not be pleasant for you.   To be fair, it isn’t a pleasant movie.  It is however daring, chilling and fascinating.

The title refers to the central character Martha, or at times Marcy May, and even every so often Marlene.  A young woman who through vague and manipulative channels has found herself living in a Catskills commune with a horribly seedy underbelly.  At the beginning movie we are shown a brief glimpse of this communal life, the men eat first while the women wait.  The farmhouse and land, while rustic, is full or portent.  Martha, or Marcy May as she is now called, is quickly seen escaping early one morning through the woods.  She is physically upset and clearly not supposed to be absconding in such a manner.  Members of the commune are quickly after her trying to bring their Marcy May  home.

While eating at a diner she is confronted by a male member of the commune, Watts (an charming yet creepy Brady Corbet).  Through this encounter it becomes painfully clear that this particular subculture life is less than idyllic.  After a panicked phone call to her older sister Lucy (Sarah Paulson) she is whisked away to a Connecticut time share.  This house is open.  Windows everywhere.  New appliances and a private dock on the nearby lake.  A stark contrast to the rundown farm, dark and dirty, with all women sleeping in one room.  Martha (or is she still Marcy May?) clearly does feel as if she fits in this environment.   Which is better?   The relative safety of her sister  and her husband Ted (a prickly Hugh Dancy) or the dark unknown of the Catskills?

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