Posted by: chance47 | 01/11/2010

In which I attempt to start something…actual.

So I have had a lot of vivid dreams lately, some reoccurring.  The kind of dreams that stick with you throughout the day.  Do you know the kind?   Where you spend your day listening intently and examining people’s actions extremely close to see if they recreate or recite some moment from your dream, thereby justifying the viscerally emotional and intricate experience you just conjured up that night?  No?  Eh?

Well a dear friend of mine suggested that what all these dreams might mean, is that I have something inside to get out.  This is not uncommon for me.

And truthfully…I have nothing but idle time in which to invest to this notion.

Lately I have been a little panicky (or maybe I am just watching too many movies where plucky young people accomplish great things with their lives).  Panicky at the thought that all of these goals I had are goners.  That…and my  job kinda drives the eensiest bit postal.  I said today,  “My goal for 2010 is to not have a nervous breakdown.”

So…I figure all the things I love in this life, movies,writing,  horror, FOOD (it must be capitalized), social politics, TELEVISION, and daydreaming, just might be the things that stop the NB2010.  (nervous…breakdown…2010…does that work?)

Besides…anybody who is anybody puts themselves out there in the social networking arena right?  (puke…vom…in the mouth)


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