Posted by: chance47 | 01/13/2010

Why Aren’t You Watching “Better Off Ted”?

I fear that by the time this message reaches anyone, it will be too late.  

It is not uncommon for me to be at work and want to hurt myself.  Like today for instance, our regular receptionist called in sick with “pink eye”,which I think means: “I’m calling in sick but I’ve used ‘headache’, ‘flu’ and ‘petty larceny’ too many times.”   When she’s out I get to cover the main phones for her and generally attempt to do two jobs in one day all the while practicing my “is this voice droll enough for you” vocal inflections and desperately yearning to stab my own eyes out with a pair of chopsticks I have in one of my pencil jars.   Three things stop me from poking my eyes out:  1)  As shallow as it sounds, the one feature I tend to like about myself is my eyes  2)  I will probably want to save those chopsticks for lunch at some point and 3)  Youtube clips.

One clip in particular has been saving me from blinding myself a lot recently:

While I pick out what shows to watch each season, I experience a common problem.  I consistently devote my time to an amazing show that no one else seems to watch.  Right at the point that I have fallen in love with said program…viscious networks pull it from the air.

“Better off Ted” combines the best of everything.   Sharp dialogue, whip-smart gags, tight ensemble acting and just enough low-brow meets high-brow to make me simultaneously giggle and pee-mah-pants without feeling uncultured.  I used to get angry with “the public” when a show I loved got cancelled.  Like only the best boobtube addicts, I assume I know best.  So when “Dancing For Validity” gets renewed for another season or “Two and A Half-Jesus-Put-Me-Out-Of-My-Misery-Already-Jon-Cryer-Isn’t-Funny” rolls into syndication, I weep a bit.

This show is most definitely on the “bubble.”  I can only ask that the rest of America catches on before its too late.  Lest I blind myself.

My favorite quote:

Phil: You’re so desperate to score points with the company, you’re trying to hire this hot, sexy woman, even though you know it would destroy Lem. Yes, I think you’re sexy. Yes, I don’t have a lot of grown-up drinks, and yes, I wish I had a third yes. And, yes, I don’t.



  1. No-one responded? Such a shame. I’d love to know why no-one watched Better Off Ted. I can only assume they just didn’t know about it.

    That’s my favourite Phil quote too. Not sure it works written down though…

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