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A little bit of Dharma in my life…

In less than two weeks I am about to embark on a fantastic trip to an exotic, unknown local.  I’m very excited about this vacation.  I very rarely travel, so it will be good to get out of my house and see some tropical scenery for a while.

Yes that’s right.   ABC’s “Lost” is coming back with its final season.   I, like about twelve million other people, have been sucked into the intricate web of wonder born from the mind of JJ Abrams and carefully reared by the delicate hands of Carlton Cuse and Damen Lindelof.  It’s been a long, sometimes frustrating journey, but I’m terribly excited to see how it ends.

Of course I, like any annoying fan who has spent hours on Lostpedia looking for connections or spent days in deep discussions with other equally geeked out and border-line certifiable friends, have several burning questions that I pray are answered before the end of this six-year journey.

Without further ado I present my “Final Season of Lost Wish List”

(warning:  here by SPOILERS for the 14 people left in the world who haven’t watched the show)

–  Smoke gets in my eyes – If this isn’t first on people’s list, then it certainly has to be in their top five, and if not…WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???   This was the very first WTF moment we were faced with on the show.  Darlton have done a great job at giving us a little smokey each season without Urkeling it in the slightest.  But there is no way to wrap up this story without figuring out what the deal is with the security system.

Who the frak is Jacob? – Is this going to be a biblical connection?  Can he be killed?  What is his deal?  Who is his Locke/Nemesis?

Libby, Libby, Libby –  Thankfully at the TCA conference, we were informed that the amazing Cynthia Watros will be reprising her role as Libby and all I can say is, “Hallefrickinlujah”.  Forget Ana Lucia and Eko, she was the tailie I was obsessed with.  Perhaps it was partly Watros’ performance, but there was always a secret smile behind her eyes (much like Elizabeth Mitchell was able to convey with Juliet).  Her death was tragic and a great launching pad for a lot of dramatic conflict, but her presence lingers long after her passing.  Why was she in the mental institution with Hurley?  Why is that important enough to show us?     What has kept me with “Lost” all these years are the characters.  As a more than casual Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror fan, I can find a myriad selection of horribly frustrating and baffling mythologies with secret agendas and confounding mysteries, but rarely does genre literature or television in this scope have such wonderfully crafted characters.  I know there is mythology to the island and I know that mythos  intertwines with each of the survivors past and futures, but would I care as much if I didn’t get to watch how much it affects John Locke’s life decisions?   Would the mystery of the island be as exciting if I hadn’t spent five seasons watch Jack-I-Can’t-Catch-My-Breath Shepperd trying desperately not to give into the pull of the island and its wonders?  I doubt it.   Ultimately, what I want is a great mythological ending that also serves to complete these characters’ arcs and fill in the holes as to why they are connected so intimately.   Libby and her mysterious past exemplify this best for me.

Vincent, that bitch!!! –  Is he a dog?  Is he psychic?   Who has been scooping up his poop this entire time?

Whisper to a ScreamNothing has served to set the mood and bring in the creepies more than the whispers in the jungle. (Perhaps the masterful score but I doubt the characters can hear that…although wouldn’t that be wild if they could?  If Kate was like…”This isn’t going to end well.” And Sawyer was like, “How do you know?” and she says,  “Didn’t you just hear that trombone fall-off?”  “Oh that?” Sawyer says, “That’s nothing freckles, that just means we’re headed to a commercial.”)  What are the whispers?  Even if it is as simple as it being the others calling out from the trees to really freak out the survivors, then let’s see a moment of that.  I want “The Whispers:  Behind the Music.”

Sun/Jin –  Nothing much…I just want a lot of Sun and Jin.  They rock my world.  I mean…look at them…they’re frickin’ gorgeous.

Walt about the children?  (get it?) – I doubt we will get much Michael David Kelly this season as I assume he is now eight foot tall with a widow’s peak and graying temples, but why was Waaaaaaaaaaaaaalt so important?  Why were children so important?  Does that tie into Hurley seeing ghosts?   To Miles and his Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-Arquette powers of ghost messaging?  Why did I spend all summer watching those mostly pointless webisodes about Walt in the testing room if it isn’t important?   If you can’t show me Waaaaaaaalt, then at least let me know, somehow, what the deal was.  Please…won’t somebody think of the children???

Ben, the two of us need look no more… –  What is Ben’s deal?  Seriously?   I  would almost be down for a Benjamin Linus spin-off, but actually what I would like is for him to be added to the regular cast of some really innocuous sitcom, like, “How I Met Your Mother”.  Just imagine it?  Eh?   Comic gold.  But seriously, fill in the gaps?   Should I be rooting for him or against him?

– Why is Juliet so sad?  Is it because she got blowed up?I loved the character of Juliet; she frustrated me in the best way possible and that was largely due to the masterful performance by Elizabeth Mitchell.   So is she gone?  Was she a sacrifice the island demanded?   Did she die because Jacob never visited her in the past?   I’m sad she may never get to solve her “Why can’t women get pregnant on this island?” mystery, but more importantly I just want to make sure her presence isn’t forgotten in this last season (Elizabeth…you are the only reason I am watching “V” right now.)

Are we all just fate’s butt puppet??? –   Man of science v. Man of Faith.  Which is it?  Is it both?   Who does that tie into the lives of Kate, Sawyer, McBreathy?  Was all of this part of Locke’s destiny?   I assume this is ultimately the crux of the show so I am not worried about whether or not it will be explored.  I just want to know what the answer is?  Wait…isn’t that a kick in the pants?  Aren’t I essentially asking “Lost” to tell me the meaning of life?

And finally…

Rose and Bernard better get a fucking happy ending…I’m serious about this so I am not even going to try and come up with a funny title about it. –    I have loved Rose since the pilot and every time I start to get fed up with the characters, she seems to show up and say exactly what I’m thinking.   Her reunion with Bernard on the island was one of the most touching moments.  Her episode, “S.O.S”, was one that many people said they could do without, but it is actually one of my faves, because it tied the power of the island so succinctly into the lives of the characters and made it clear these stakes were life and death for everyone…not just the people on the promotional posters.  I don’t care what their ending is, just so long as they are happy…maybe they buy some real estate on Lost Island or flip a Dharma Station into a really cozy loft space.   But if either of these two end up dead or missing…I will be writing a very strongly worded letter to Dartlton c/o their managers and I might even throw in a few curse words.

What else?  What are the mysteries you want solved?  I cannot wait…my slanket is packed, my passport at the ready and I am generously applying sunscreen.  (I know I left out anything to do with Clair/Ghost Claire/Aaron or the Myriad Love Triangles…and that was intentional….I don’t care who Jack ends up with, just so long as he finally catches his goddamn breath.)



  1. I agree totally with what you say about Libby always having a smile in her eyes. She just seemed like somebody you would like and trust instinctively, even though parts of her backstory didn’t wash.

    Wasn’t her husband’s name David? I’ve often wondered if he was the same Dave that Hurley saw in the mental institution and later on the island. Maybe she was in the institution because she was seeing him too. Then again, that Dave character was weird and not somebody I’d imagine Libby being married to. I don’t believe Dave was ever a hallucination, though. All the people Hurley saw were dead characters from the island. I think Hurley (and his family, doctors) just *assumed* he was insane because he saw them. Even Jacob told Hurley that he wasn’t insane.

    I also want to know if Jacob and Mr. X have some sort of god/devil thing going on. If Mr. X is some sort of fallen character that Jacob has always otherwise been able to control, and that’s why he’s looking for the loophole.

    I want to know if Mr. X is the smoke monster.

    And I want Ben to be redeemed and live. I know that may be futile, and not likely. But Ben’s my favorite.

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