Posted by: chance47 | 12/12/2010

A Toast To My Friends At The Holidays

We’re here tonight because of light.   Actually, we’re here because of the chicken wings, cheesecake, wine, and the chance that you all might see me do something extremely embarrassing, which is all but inevitable.   But the true reason, in the beginning (long before you, me or any of us), that we are here is light.

“I’ve seen the light”

“Let the light shine in.”

“Don’t go towards the light Carol Anne.”

So many iterations, but really only one meaning.

Be it solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Christmas or December, this is historically the month that people of any faith created one concrete ritual.  It’s what we as people seek.   As the days grow dimmer, the nights fall more quickly, we leave fires warming, LED displays flashing, strung lights twinkling, candles burning for days at a time to lead us home.

Home – whether family or friends, craves a bit of extra warmth at this time of year.   It craves light.

Before you all interject, or fear that I found a little too much Buddha, Shiva or Jesus, rest assured I am as secular as always.  To the best of my knowledge I am not now nor have ever been a member of the Branch Davidian.  But sometimes, a reminder is needed.

In the midst of all the hustle and the seemingly interminable bustle – jobs that suck souls, grad school, part-time hysteria and other miscellaneous drudgery – sometimes we need to remember that at those moments when we’re bundling up for the biting wind and the slicing snow that at the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of the block there is our home.

There is light.

Without attempting to dive into fondue cheese territory, it must be said – You are all my light.  The pull from the dark, the cold, the stress filled work place, the awful bus ride with the woman who keeps saying I look like her oldest daughter.   I hope that in some small recess of your life and busy calendar that I can be at least a twinkle or half a glimmer.   I wish, that I burn as bright as you need me to and that each year we grow older it never diminishes.

We have wine, we have booze.  We have cheesecake and chicken.  We have everything we need to fatten ourselves up for hibernation, to sleep away the dark and the cold and wake up when the flowers bloom, the bunnies have happy time, and the street construction begins.  But I say we fatten ourselves tonight so that for each other, we burn a bit bigger.  We stand a bit brighter; leading the way with perfect clarity.

Let us be the light.


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