Posted by: chance47 | 08/23/2012

Another bite of “The Normals”

So,  I wanted to share a little bit more of the script I’ve been working on for the graphic novel I’d like to do someday called “The Normals”.  I’d love to find an artist to collaborate with and get this thing on two feet.  Anyone know of some first timers out there interested in working with a neurotic writer?

And now the continuing saga of Sophie and her super awkward Superhero filled world.

The Normals:

Page 6 One panel. The entire page. We see a straight on shot
of the rest of the train car. The first half of it has
been ripped clean off. At the back of the car in the
background we can see all the other passengers huddled
and clinging to each other in terror. SOPHIE sits,
rather calmly. Her seat is right at the front of the
remainder of the train car. Loose cables hang around
her, sparking. Metal and glass surround her. Her knees
are scraped, shoes scuffed. Her black tights are torn.
Her hair covers almost her entire face.

Fucking Supers.

Page 7 Three panels.
Panel 1 Takes up the majority of the page. Sophie, still
sitting like before stares up as CAPTAIN DIAMOND
floats into the panel. He hovers, hands on hips as
stereotypically as possible. We see his gorgeous
profile and flowing cape. The passengers in the back
of the train are in complete awe.

My apologies dear citizens. I do hope no one was
injured. I would stay, but I must not let Major
Reaper get away. Until next time, “SPARKLE ON!”

Panel 2 Front on shot of Sophie sitting. Hair still in her
face. CAPTAIN DIAMOND’S cape can be seen on the left
edge of the panel. The other passengers have started
making their way slowly towards the front of the
damaged car. Sophie tries to blow her hair out of
her face.

Panel 3 Front on shot of Sophie sitting. She has had a
thought and turns toward the direction where CAPTAIN
DIAMOND flew off to, one hand raised in the air. The
passengers have started helping each other down and
out of the wrecked train car.

(Calling after CAPTAIN DIAMOND)
Could I get a flight to work?

Page 8 Six Panels. Two page spread.

Panel 1 Width of both pages. Skinny panel. A close-up of
SOPHIE’s profile on the left side (Page 8). Her
blue, blue eyes staring contentiously at VERA’s
profile and her green, green eyes heavily made up
(Page 9). We can see Vera is a redhead. Short hair.
Pulled behind her ears. A girly barrette pinning
back bangs not fully grown out yet. Her nose is
pierced with a single stud. Black cat-eye glasses
frame her face.

Caption TWO HOURS LATER (Top left of panel)



Panel 2 A much larger panel. Spans both pages. We now see
the entirety of SOPHIE and VERA. It is a stark
contrast. SOPHIE, as described before but a lot more
disheveled. Knees still bleeding. VERA stands in
combat boots. Bright pink leggings. A black skirt.
Black t-shirt. SOPHIE stands with her hands at her
side, fighting the urge to curl them into fists.
VERA stands with her arms crossed over her ample
chest. Between them a glass wall. Behind the wall in
silohuette we can see many busy workers. People at
desks on their phones. Someone running around with
paper in their hands. Office cacophony. Etched on
the glass it reads: GLAM HOME DESIGNS, LTD.

Vera…It took an hour for the rescue crew just to
arrive. And Captain Diamond just flew off like an
asshole. Check the news.

I did. This morning. Before work. Channel Eight
told me to avoid the train system because Major
Reaper was trying to compromise the mass transit
system. Sophie this is the sixth time this month.

On Monday the ZooKeeper…

Unleashede his Rhino-Bots on Lawrence Avenue.

They were literally on top of the number 81!

Last week you were trapped in a Super Donuts hiding
from Shock and Awe.

Actually it was just Awe. Shock is still in
prison. Vera…it’s the Supers…
Sophie, look at Meg in marketing. Her mother is
Gladiatrix. And she’s early to work…EVERY DAY.
Panel 3 The first half of the bottom of page 8. We see
Vera’s face. Brow furrowed. Looking dead ahead.

Listen…I talked to HR.
Panel 4 The second half of the bottom of page 8. We see
Sophie’s face. Looking off to the right.

I’ll make up the time. I’ll stay late tonight and
Panel 5 The first half of the bottom of page 9. Same shot of
Vera’s face.

Sophie…you’re fired.
Panel 6 The second half of the bottom of page 9. Same shot
of Sophie’s face. She is looking forward, wide-eyed
this time. A lock of hair has fallen in front of her
left eye. A single tear is welling in her right

Page 9 (Part of two page spread)

Page 10 One large page. Sophie is on the bus. The back of the
seat is the left side of the page. Her feet pulled up
into the seat with her. Tablet on her lap, the previous
room design is pulled up, finger pointing at the
tablet. Sophie is holding the phone with her other
hand. This image bleeds behind the four panels of LYNN
talking on the other end of the phone. Those four
panels fall vertically down the right side of the page.
Sophie’s dialogue will correspond with the different
panels that LYNN is

I get severance and everything but Lynn…this
isn’t MY fault. It’s the fucking supers..

Panel 1 Close up of Lynn’s mouth. LYNN is SOPHIE’s age.
Korean-American. Extremely flashy sense of style.
We see a short curl of black hair falling on her
cheek. Her lips are bright red. She is wearing a
retainer on her top teeth. Her bottom lip is pierced
right in the middle.

So Captain Sparkle Pants got you canned?

He’s the worst. Where’d he learn to fly?

Soph…he was chasing Major Reaper.

Who had the courtesy to fly above the train.

Panel 2 We pan out from the fame. We now see the profile of
Lynn’s face.

Didn’t Captain Diamond save you from the ZooKeeper?

Imagine the amount of tax dollars that goes just to
clean up the Super messes.

Think about all the times they’ve stopped

It’s their fault health insurance rates are through
the roof. I’d still have my Honda if it weren’t
for Lady Comet.

Sophie…she died that day. And stopped

Panel 3 We now have a front shot of Lynn’s face. Minus the
heavy make-up and multiple piercings, she is quite

The world was ending that day?

No…Armageddon the Super Mutate.

I thought it was Dr. Smash.

Pretty sure it was Armageddon.

No Dr. Smash died fighting Armageddon the Super

Dr. Smash is a villain! If anything he’d team-up
with Armageddon the Super –

Panel 4 We pull back even further. We reveal Lynn is sitting
in a cubicle at her job. She is a graphic designer
and at her desk are several 3-D displays. She is
wearing a high-tech glove to manipulate the images.

WHATEVER!!! Supers ruin EVERYTHING for us normal

You could always join the Superhero Response Team?

The S.R.T.? I’m not a facist!!!

Page 11 This page is a mirror image of the previous page. The
back of Sophie’s bus seat is now the right border of the
page. The same four panels cascade down the left side
of the page. Sophie still has the table out, but she
has now destroyed the room she was designing earlier.
This image bleeds behind the panels of Lynn talking.

Panel 1 Same as the last panel on page 10. Lynn is still
using the glove to manipulate her designs.

Ready for your date with Larry?
Yeeeeeeeah…gonna cancel.

You’re going.

I’m a wreck.

Panel 2 Head on Shot of Lynn.

You’re going.

What would we even talk about?

You’re going.

I should save my money.

He’s paying. You’re going.

I can always raincheck.

Panel 3 Lynn’s profile.

Shut up. You’re going.

I bet he’s a freak. Or a mutant.


Or a mutant freak.


Probably an android.

Panel 4 Close up of Lynn’s mouth, like Panel 1 on page 10.



Shit…here comes my boss. Gotta go. Sophie?
Have fun.

Four panels. The top panel is the largest. Three
smaller panels on the bottom of the page.

Panel 1 We see from an overhead angle Sophie and LARRY
sitting at a dinner table at Sola Restaurant. There
is a candle in the middle of the table. A bottle of
wine. Empty plates, napkins on the table. Wine
glasses almost empty. LARRY is tall. Nice solid
figure. Dirty blonde hair. Parted to the side. His
navy blue pinstripe suit jacket is hanging on the
back of his chair. He tie is loosened around his
neck. Sleeves rolled up. Sophie has cleaned up.
Her hair is back to normal. She’s wearing a
different plaid skirt with a vibrant teal off the
shoulder top. Her nails are painted to match the
top. She’s wearing a little bit of make-up. Both
Sophie and Larry are laughing.
Caption Sola Restaurant 8:30 P.M.

Oh God. Captain Diamond is the worst! What is it
with the costume?

And that pendant around his neck? what is that?

It’s his nightlight.

And his fucking catchphrase?

Panel 2 First panel at the bottom of the page. We now see
Larry and Sophie from a side view. Larry is staring
straight ahead at Sophie. She is staring right back
at him. Huge smiles on both of their faces.

SPARKLE ON!!!! (They disolve into laughter again)


Yes please!

Panel 3 Larry is looking at the menu. Still smiling. We see
Sophie looking at him, grinning.

Super cute. And normal. God that’s so
refreshing. Definitely second date material.

Panel 4 Larry looks up from the menu. His head is tilted,
eyes warm. Wine glass in his hand. He’s looking at
Sophie with the best bedroom eyes he can muster.
She’s blushing, looking down, tucking her hair behind
her ears.

Sophie…I’m having a really great time. You’re so
funny. I really hope we can do this again…soon.
Second date?

Page 13 Six panels. Three panels in two rows. The left and
right panels are wider. The middle panels skinny.

Panel 1 We see Sophie straight on. Her eyes alight. She
can’t keep from smiling. We see Larry’s hands in the
foreground. Big. Strong.

I think that can be arranged. (Thinking) Oh swoon.
He definitely gets a quick kiss goodbye tonight. I
wonder if he likes horror movies?

Panel 2 Skinny panel. An overview look at the table. Larry
has put his hand out to the middle of the table. We
can only see his hand outstretched and Sophie’s hand
still held back.

You know…I don’t know if you’re interested.


Panel 3 We now see Larry straight on. He is smirking.
Perhaps a bit bashful. In the foreground we see
Sophie’s hands and her teal fingernails.

There’s this little film festival next week. It’s
called Zombie-Thon. I know…it’s dorky. I
shouldn’t have –

Panel 4 Bottom left panel. We see a side view a Sophie,
leaning in. She is on the edge of her seat.

No! Sounds great! I go every year actually. I
love zombies. All about brain-eating. (Thinking)

Panel 5 Skinny panel. Same overhead shot as before. But now
we see Sophie’s hands have entered into the scene and
Larry is holding them gently.

I wonder if he’ll split the peanut butter pie with

Panel 6 Bottom right panel. Side view of Larry. Leaning
in. Edge of his seat. Clearly excited.

I can’t. I have an EXTREMELY bad peanut allergy.

Page 14 Six panels.
Panel 1 We see Sophie straight on. Her eyes are wide.
Confused. Did she hear him right?

Panel 2 Skinny panel. Overhead shot of hands, like before.
Sophie has quickly pulled her hands back. There is a
slight blur of motion.

Panel 3 We again see Sophie straight on. Her brow is
furrowed. Her jaw clenched. She is shaking.


Panel 4 A wide panel in the middle of the page. Sophie is
standing straight up at the table. Larry has cowered
back into his a seat and shrunk down a bit below the
table. Sophie is pounding the table. FUMING!!!

You’re a fucking mindreader!!!!

I’m sorry. I should have told you…it’s just
things were going so well…And I’m so horny. I
mean…it’s hard. No…I mean…

Panel 5 Again a straight on shot of Sophie. The fury has
passed. She is now stoic. Looking straight at
Larry. Pointing to her temple.

Read this.

Panel 6 A straight ahead shot of Larry. He is terrified. He
cannot believe what he just “heard”.

Page 15 Single panel. A one-page view of Sophie. Still
standing behind the table. We see her pointing to the
door. She is extremely upset.

Out! Now!


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