Posted by: chance47 | 06/14/2016

Orlando and We

Forgive me. But I think it’s kind of like a souffle. A symphony. A trophy winning sports team. Or a finely tuned sports car. The finest cream and the perfect temperature. A mournful cello and melodic flute. An athlete for offense, one for defense. Intricate parts, well oiled and working in unison.

Humans have, within, a nearly infinite ability to create. When we work together the act of creating not only becomes easier but more meaningful.

In one person there are billions of cells doing their best to create.That’s how powerful us tiny humans are. One of the cruelest things, I think, is how beautifully complex we are but in the scope of the universe, horribly insignificant. But that’s only if you are looking at the stars. It’s difficult, you know, to remind ourselves to look at what’s left and what’s right.

When we create, when it is done, we thank the people who helped us. We acknowledge all of the hard effort given and we are grateful for the little part of ourselves we had to sacrifice to make it happen.

Though we don’t like to speak of it, just as the ability to shape and form something beautiful lies within us, so too lies the capacity to destroy. A symphony of hate, a recipe for disaster, a deadly machine. Terrorists. Like creation, when they work together, the more devastating the result.

And I get it…there’s a coping mechanism in place. Something to protect our hearts. We must find the single, simple reason as to why something horrible has happened. One thing, not in ourselves, that takes all the blame, owns all the hate or shoots all the bullets. If we cannot find that one thing in ourselves, then we know we are good. All of our cells are working.

We call them a monster. Call it god’s will. Just the way things work. But in reality, if we could somehow go back to the moment it all began, we’d see dozens of moving parts. Pieces clawing to each other and taking form. Maybe, just maybe, we’d see a misfire or a disconnection. But I don’t think there would be just one thing. One faulty part. One reason as to why it’s broken.

You see…it is about bigotry. It is about hate. It’s about homophobia. Toxic masculinity and misogyny. It’s about radicalized religion with an agenda. It’s the availability of assault rifles and a culture of violence. About mental illness and neglect. It’s terrorism and it’s tragedy. It’s Orlando and America. All of these ugly bits collide and then they destroy.

But I do know this. The ground doesn’t remain fallow. The solution is creation. Is a symphony. We can’t fix one and ignore the other and hope the machine can keep limping. It requires the whole team to make it work. We are the machine, we are the recipe.


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