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Ouch Of The Day

I discovered Disney’s “Dinosaurs” on Netflix streaming last night.  Then I remembered that Robbie “The Rebel” Sinclair was one of the Reason’s I knew I was gay.  I think it was the hair.

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Soothe Of The Day

A wonderful artist from Down Under.  Get Familiar.

I have an ever growing list of irrational fears (seriously I do… My List of Irrational Fears) that no matter how much I try to rationalize will not go away.  Maybe I’m part paranoid or a hypochondriac, but I know I am not alone in fearing sometimes what is highly unlikely.

“Martha Marcy May Marlene” is a movie that those afflicted with extreme paranoia or irrational fears should do all they can to avoid.   This movie will not be pleasant for you.   To be fair, it isn’t a pleasant movie.  It is however daring, chilling and fascinating.

The title refers to the central character Martha, or at times Marcy May, and even every so often Marlene.  A young woman who through vague and manipulative channels has found herself living in a Catskills commune with a horribly seedy underbelly.  At the beginning movie we are shown a brief glimpse of this communal life, the men eat first while the women wait.  The farmhouse and land, while rustic, is full or portent.  Martha, or Marcy May as she is now called, is quickly seen escaping early one morning through the woods.  She is physically upset and clearly not supposed to be absconding in such a manner.  Members of the commune are quickly after her trying to bring their Marcy May  home.

While eating at a diner she is confronted by a male member of the commune, Watts (an charming yet creepy Brady Corbet).  Through this encounter it becomes painfully clear that this particular subculture life is less than idyllic.  After a panicked phone call to her older sister Lucy (Sarah Paulson) she is whisked away to a Connecticut time share.  This house is open.  Windows everywhere.  New appliances and a private dock on the nearby lake.  A stark contrast to the rundown farm, dark and dirty, with all women sleeping in one room.  Martha (or is she still Marcy May?) clearly does feel as if she fits in this environment.   Which is better?   The relative safety of her sister  and her husband Ted (a prickly Hugh Dancy) or the dark unknown of the Catskills?

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Soothe Of the Day

In the vein of something pretty.  I just have to share a romantic song that even I like.  Romantic…I know.

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Soothe Of The Day

Sometimes the greatest soothe of any day is something pretty to look at.  So I give you Ethan Peck.


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WARNING:  What you are about to read is a completely biased review with almost zero-objectivity.

It would almost go without saying that growing up I was somewhat of an outcast (almost because I typically bring it up whenever I can).  I constantly stuck out like a sore thumb.  I was a fat, brainy, nerdy kid obsessed with creepy crawly things, performing arts, and movies and books that my mother would tell me not to read because of their nightmare inducing capabilities (I read them anyway).

While other kids were watching more age appropriate shows I was sitting right alongside my mother watching “Northern Exposure” and “Quantum Leap”.  By the time I was able to rent movies on my own the majority of them contained people having their brains consumed or teenagers being overtly sexual and murdered.  There were never too many animated movies out there that made me feel like I was a part of the crowd (save:  “Nightmare Before Christmas”)

“ParaNorman” is a loving tribute for all of us freaks, outcasts, and weirdos.  This movie isn’t for the very young (Parents up in Arms…it’s rated PG…that means there might be a cuss word).  I’d say twelve and up is the target audience for this movie.  Well…twelve year olds and all of the freaks and weirdos mentioned before.

“ParaNorman” written by Chris Butler and directed by Butler and Sam Fell is a charming story of a young boy who braves daily life even though he’s a little different.  The lush stop-motion animation is brought to us by Laika Entertainment, the same group responsible for the amazing “Coraline” and quirky “Corpse Bride”.

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Tilda Swinton as Eva in “We Need To Talk About Kevin”

At the core of many great horror movies is a moment where a character or a group of characters fully realize the weight of the situation they are in.  They are able to step back, if only for a second, and realize the magnitude of the situation they are in.  Able to take a moment and think:  What have I done?  What have I wrought? Am I to blame?  How do I get through this?  Whose hands are covered in blood?   These moments add to the terror, to the horror, to the suspense of these movies.

“We Need To Talk About Kevin” is a movie based on that moment.  It is perhaps one of the scariest, unsettling, and horrific movies I have seen in years, and you can’t really classify it as a horror movie.

Based on the best-selling book by Lionel Shriver,  “Kevin” centers on the Khatchadourian family.  A seemingly idyllic well-to-do family. The movie opens with the future matriarch of the family, Eva (Tilda Swinton), being lifted in a Christ-like fashion in a sea of blood and pulp. Only as the camera pans or do we realize that Eva is one of hundreds of people celebrating in an Italian tomato festival. A she is carried by hundreds of hand through a fresh stew a smile takes hold of her face. This is Eva in her element. This is Eva happy.

Swinton and John C. Reilly anxiously awaiting news.

From there the movie careens back and forth through Eva’s life. Her past and her present. We meet her husband Franklin, a wonderful John C. Reilly cast against type, and her kids, Celia and the titular Kevin (Ezra Miller). But early enough we sense that all is not quite right. Present day Eva is a stark contrast to her past incarnations. Her younger self is put together, hair perfectly crafted and sharp.  While the Eva of today is frazzled, hair unkempt, clothes hastily adorned.

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Another bite of “The Normals”

So,  I wanted to share a little bit more of the script I’ve been working on for the graphic novel I’d like to do someday called “The Normals”.  I’d love to find an artist to collaborate with and get this thing on two feet.  Anyone know of some first timers out there interested in working with a neurotic writer?

And now the continuing saga of Sophie and her super awkward Superhero filled world.

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For the Want of An Artist…

So I have been working on a project very near and dear to me.  It is my first script for a comic book.  A graphic novel, if you will.

Sadly, I have not an ounce of drawing talent.  So please readers, if you know of someone or are someone who would be interested in collaborating with me, drop me a line or leave me a comment.

And just so people know I’m being genuine, here is an excerpt from THE NORMALS:

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Ouch of The Day

Ever since I got out I’ve been drinking Dr. Pepper like it’s going out of style.  Last night I dreamed that I woke to find my sheets and pillows stained irrevocably from all the Dr. Pepper that had seeped out of my pores.   Is my body telling my mind to tell me something?

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